• Getting Started with Marushka
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  • Configuration
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Getting Started with Marushka

How to make an interactive map composition

  • The aim of the test project in MarushkaDesign is demonstration of functionality and options that MarushkaDesign offers.
  • In the test project we will demonstrate step by step how to create a fully functional project of map composition and how to create Web map publication from available data.
  • The result will be an interactive web composition in Marushka environment, which will contain basic overview that will allow basic viewing, inserting and editing database data.
  • The Web Marushka in this example will be able to display information about the elements, will be able to localize them, draw new graphical elements or erase user-drawn elements from a data store. For the individual group of elements is displayed the legend, there is of course an option to print to PDF file or by printer.
  • Download and try the complete project.
  • This document contains detailed instructions on how to make it, complete Test Project, source SHP files or Sqlite databse.

Download complete project


How to Convert Project to Version 4

This document is a tutorial how to convert a project version 3 to version 4 in MarushkaDesign.

 Document to download (PDF)


This document is a user manual for the product MarushkaDesign and it concerns primarily project configuration.

Document to download (PDF)

Live example