Vývoj softwaru a poskytování služeb v oblastech agend veřejné správy

LaserScan for BIM

Professional documentation of large buildings from 3D scan for BIM. Photorealistic web application - BIM models. For our client PRODIN a.s. we scanned few buildings and delivered coloured point cloud.

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Reliance SCADA at Meydan Retail Centre in Dubai, UAE

Reliance SCADA and Tecomat Foxtrot PLCs are used to visualize and control Meydan Retail Centre in Dubai, UAE.

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Marushka® 3D

Interactive visualization of 3D point cloud and 3D vector data directly in a map client. No need to install any more components.

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AVE system communicates with smart gas meters

The AVE metering system has full support for secure two-way communication with smart gas meters, including the possibility to remotely close the valve, process the meter's diagnostic and service parameters, based on which an alarm may occur.

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AVE has support for Metrix Italia WT G4SG

The AVE system has support for Metrix Italia WT G4SG smart gas meters. More info on AVE system's website.


Metrix Italia WT G4SG, AVE System

Reliance Success Story Awards 2019 have been presented

After the publication of the results of the ninth annual Reliance Success Story Awards competition, the authors of the winning installations were invited to GEOVAP's headquarters in Pardubice to receive their well-deserved prizes. Whole article on the Reliance SCADA website.


Mr. Vosmik (right) of MARTIA with his first-place prize

Reliance SCADA at Meydan Retail Centre in Dubai, UAE

Reliance SCADA and Tecomat Foxtrot PLCs are used to visualize and control Meydan Retail Centre in Dubai, UAE.

LiDar Scanning Progress

A new dimension of 3D models for Digital Buildings and Survey


Our products portfolio.


Mapping server for large scale GIS projects.

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GeoStore V6

Desktop GIS for capture, maintenance, management and analysis geospatial data.

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3D GeoDesign

Professional LiDAR data processing and 3D vector data design.

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Professional SCADA/HMI system for the visualization and control of industrial processes and for building automation.

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AVE System

A system designed to automatically read energy-consumption data from different types of devices, validate it, show it on a PC, and pass it to a CRM system.

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Industrial Automation Projects

Automation projects based on professional PLCs and SCADA

Smart Homes and Buildings

Smart solutions for Building Management

Smart Metering

AMR and AMM Energy metering solutions

Large scale 3D Point Clouds data management

Effective storage, indexing, querying and web publications of LiDAR data

Mobile and Indoor Laser Scanning

The World’s Most Powerful 3D Mobile Mapping 
and 3D Data Management