3D GeoDesign

Modern tool for work with data of various formats, focusing on 3D point cloud.

  • Automatic display of point clouds into a seamless map.
  • Online visualization of data in perspective and orthogonal view.
  • Drawing and editing tools.
  • Export to stereo lithography model (STL) including 3D printing.
  • Smooth transition between views during classification and editing face of 3D.
  • Simple evaluation of 3D objects.
  • Display point cloud from data storage server
  • Automatic saving vector data into the database

3D Graphic editor or 3D GIS system?

3D GeoDesign is a professional 3D spatial data editor which supports 2D and 3D vector drawing, raster files and point clouds. The data can be stored locally or accessible remotely via internet. The system can serve as a powerful graphical editor with a full range of editing features common to GIS and CAD tools, or as an advanced desktop GIS system.


3D GeoDesign is a system based on Open GIS standards. The native data storage format is WKB (Well Known Binary) standard according to OGC SFS 2D and 3D variants. WFS, WMS and WMTS client functions are integrated into the system to retrieve data from Internet sources.

3D GeoDesign is an open system ready for customisation. The main methods and data structures of the system core (objects or classes) are public. It brings the highest degree of openness to users-developers. They can develop the system functionality with their own modules and applications developed by standard means of .NET technology.

3D GeoDesign

There is no problem for 3D GeoDesign to work with data captured by hand-held, static or mobile scanner or drone.





Supports data captured
by different devices