Mobile Mapping

Terrain mapping using Mobile Laser Mapper System LYNX.

By combining Lynx Mobile Laser System technology, software developed by us, our know-how, and many years of experience, we can offer our clients comprehensive geodetic data sets that are particularly useful in road, waterways and transport administration and many other branches.

  • Measurement accuracy comparable to total stations.
  • Operator’s safety. 
  • Customisation/Classification of measured data for various purposes.
  • High speed of data acquisition.
  • Detailed simultaneous surveying of all objects. 
  • Data in open format LAS.
  • No restrictions on transport.
  • High point cloud density.

Benefits of Mobile Mapping

  • quickly obtained background data for design work,

  • accurate spatial information about objects on the surface,

  • saving up to 3 billion points / day,

  • high speed of data acquisition and recording,

  • possibility to combine with other map data,

  • possibility of height analysis - Hypsometry,

  • absolute spatial measurement accuracy + / - 5 cm,

  • mapping in 3rd (2nd) accuracy class,

  • monitoring of networks and national grid, transit profiles, etc.,

  • class 1 laser product (IEC/CDRH) – absolute eyes safety.