Marushka Photo

Marushka Photo is a mobile application used to store images from a mobile device / smartphone into the database, respectively project of Marushka®.

Application sends the scanned image, its position, type (symbol, which will be located in the map composition of project Marushka®) and a short note. Project manager can then set up e-mail addresses of those who would be notified of new photo location.

Application is useful for

  • Interactive fault reporting for network administrators.
  • Acquisition of data (type, location, photo) for retrieval of spatially located objects.
  • Notification of interests in a particular region.

Video - Marushka Photo



  • tExtension of existing solutions – website municipalities operating on a similar principle, such as project reporting, fault and defects, such as:
  • Event can be documented in the terrain and sent immediately and citizen / official do not have to wait till he gets to the computer.
  • Possibility of error and defect data report and qualified data collection for individual passports (passport services, passport green, passport of public lights).


The extent of application

  • Created as downloadable to your smartphone.
  • Allows you to take a picture, select its category (street gullies, potholes, traffic signs, green areas, black dump,…) and connect text notes.
  • Photographs, GPS coordinates and notes are sent directly to the GIS database, and are directly visualized in Marushka® software as a point feature (icon).
  • At the same time, according to the selected category is sent an email to a predefined address. This email includes, inter photo, GPS, category and notes also a direct link to Marushka® software with a localized object icon of the object.
  • Allows filtering of spatial data for a given area (e.g. the city).
  • Supports basic platform of Windows Phone and Android, then also possibility of development for the iPhone.


Other characteristics

  • Sending information using your smartphone, including GPS coordinates.
  • Categorization of requirement.
  • Connection of notes.
  • Subsequent display in Marushka® software (local application on the customer side or Cloud).

How do Marushka Photo work?

Detailed instructions are available here