Navigation for your mobile phone

Indoor Navigation has never been easier.

Campus Maps is a top mobile application for indoor navigation. It has a clear interface for easy orientation, which uses high-resolution panoramic images or a clear 2D floor plan.

  • Get an overview of your surroundings

  • Panoramic photos and a detailed map of the surroundings help you find your bearings in complex buildings. 


  • Easy orientation

  • Positioning is fast and accurate. The application in your mobile phone uses sensors for easy localization.

  • Take advantage of the augmented reality

  • Campus Maps finds the fastest route to your destination. High-resolution panoramic images let you see what's around you and where to go.


New generation of indoor navigation

Campus Maps

Indoor navigation has never been so accurate, intuitive and simple.


  • Augmented reality mode

  • Clear interface for easy orientation.


  • Detailed 2D map

  • 2D map is a basic overview of your surroundings.

  • Panoramic photos

  • Realistic visualization uses panoramic images.

  • Quick and easy positioning

  • Just lift your phone to a vertical position, take a few photos and you will immediately know where you are.


  • Motion detection

  • Sensors in your mobile phone detect your movement. Thanks to this, your mobile will guide you along the entire route.

  • Wi-Fi a Bluetooth

  • The application uses available networks and detects signal strength for more accurate positioning.

Campus Maps - Accurate navigation directly on your mobile phone




Augmented reality mode

  • Explore your surroundings in a new perspective
  • Clear interface
  • 360 ° panoramic images
  • Optimal route to your destination




  • You will never get lost in complex buildings

  • Quick and easy positioning

  • 2D clear map

  • Automatic motion detection


Campus Maps

  • Unique application for your mobile phone
  • Easily accessible on Google Play
  • Uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for more accurate location
  • Android 5.0 (and later) + iOS