CAD features

User interface

  • work with multiple graphical windows simultaneously (up to eight),
  • the possibility of setting displayed objects in individual windows,
  • setting on / off displayed objects by layers and by entities,
  • configurable placement of dialogues,
  • option to set keyboard shortcuts for any action,
  • setting of layers for active and reference mapsurface individually or both at once,
  • feature to swap the active and reference file, the list of CAD layers is also swapped,
  • simultaneous displays of data from all data sources:
    - vector files,
    - raster files,
    - RDBMS,
    - WMS sources,
    - data from web services.

Basic construction and modification of data

Construction of elements of following types:

  • point element, polyline (no limits of the number of vertices, circle, arc, polygon (including complex areas, with holes), the cell – consisting from geometry including unlimited nesting levels, text, spot height, perpendicular,
  • possibility to define fills, patterns and object transparency.

Modification of elements:

  • copying, moving, parallel, rotation, resizing (point element and user style), intersection solution, vertex modification, decomposition of combined features, text editing, modification of text attributes, substitution and change of scale of cells, modification of IGDS parameters, tasks of setting text and cell parameters.


Print sets

  • bulk print of map sheets (atlas print),
  • definition of parameters – scale, line widht, fence,
  • output to any system printer in Windows environment,
  • PDF output,
  • possibility of raster or vector printing,
  • possibility to define size and shapes of measured points (square, circle, triangle), possibility to define custom style line lenght for print,
  • more advance print features (printing of the current viewport, print of one sheet in the given scale, possibility of placing the guide marks for composing sheets of larger sizes

Setting of drawing and data selection

  • setting of symbology of objects – color, layer, line thickness, style,
  • setting of hover type on object – key point, center, reference point, intersection, the nearest point,
  • selection of objects by fence,
  • selection of objects by intersecting the line,
  • selection of objects based on attributes – file, table, status, id, element type, session_id,
  • selection of objects based on symbology – layer, color, style, thickness,
  • the bulk change of objects symbology,
  • measuring length, area and angle,
  • searching and replacing of text based on various search criteria,
  • the possibility of remembering selection and browsing features, possibility to save the selection as a new file, function selection from the selected elements.


Cells and user styles

  • work with cells, creation of cells, cell libraries and their maintenance,
  • the possibility to exchange cells,
  • feature import cells from the mapsurface to library,
  • setting and defining user styles, its imports and exports,
  • setting user styles scale.