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Versions of the product and requirements




Versions of the product

  • GeoStore V6 Viewer - designed for viewing data from all data sources and redlining,
  • GeoStore V6 Editor - designed for creating and updating data, it does not include advanced GIS functionality
  • GeoStore V6 Desktop GIS - designed for creating, updating, managing and analyzing GIS data.

System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/W7/V8 with .NET Framework and higher

Hardware requirements

  • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™, memory: at least 256 MB RAM, disk space: 30MB,
  • Recommended configuration for LAS application (Laser Scanning): GeoStore V6 version and higher, DirectX, RAM >2GB).

Data sources and formats

  • Internal data structures by OGC WKB (Well Known Binary),
  • input vector file formats: GML, DGN V7 and V8, SHP, DXF, WKB,
  • output vector file formats: GML, DGN V7, SHP, WKB, DGN, DXF,
  • raster formats: CIT, TIFF, Geo TIFF, JPG/JIFF, JPG2000, ECW, BMP, PNM, PNG,
  • reading and writing to RDBMS ORACLE, MS SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite in WKB format,
  • reading and writing to ORACLE Spatial®,
  • reading and writing to RDBMS ORACLE and MS SQL server through Web Services,
  • data access to WMS (Web Map Service),
  • data access to Google Maps through Web Services,
  • data access to WFS through Web Services,
  • possibility to export to PDF format,
  • export from database with possibility to create views for downloading from the database (posibility of downloading data from multiple tables with defined attributes at once).


Extension Modules

Development of New Modules

  • open development interface in Microsoft .NET technology,
  • all the essential kernel methods are public and available for the development of user modules, or can be called directly from the command line,
  • support of development of new modules developed in Visual Studio .NET (i.e. in any language supporting .NET - C#, Visual Basic, J#, C++),
  • user developed tools become equivalent part of the system, their public methods may be a part of a batch script.

Basic Modules

Extension Modules