Information Custom System

Planning, recording of individual events within the data campaigns.

Configurable web application

Effective planning

  • Registration of events is provided by the Custom Information System. It is a web application which can be configured individually for each customer.
  • Allows you to efficiently plan individual actions within your data campaigns, monitor your progress.
  • The system also enables reporting of efficiency and with combination with mentioned above also allows effective planning of human resources.


  • You can assign individual trajectories (trips) to the jobs and display the associated graphic elements (map sheets and trajectories) on the map card. The application has a responsive design to be used on mobile devices.

Display in the map server

  • The application is designed to be used in a web browser and designed to record trajectories - 3D laser measurement trips and link to the order system. The application runs above common relational databases.
  • The custom system is linked to the Marushka map server as part of publication graphic data. Based on your access rights you can modify data or store changes into database.


  • In order to enter the application the log-in is required.  The user has assigned a role which defines which set of tools/functions are available. One user can have more roles under one account and can freely switch between them any time.