3D Storage

Large volumes of data are no longer a serious problem.

For point clouds and vector data


GLS Server

  • GLS server is the data storage for 3D point clouds. Its architecture is derived from "conservative" but proven application server technology running in a LAN / WAN environment. The query language is derived from the OGC WMS / WFS standards (GetCapabilities).
  • Designed to efficiently store up to hundreds of TiB data.
  • By effective storage is meant an immediate response to spatial queries in combination with attribute predicates (constraint), eg. "All points in the territory delimited by a certain polygon, where the order age is less than ...".

Vector data

  • A regular database server (ORACLE SDO, Postgresql, MS-SQL, Sqlite) can be used as data storage for evaluated data.
  • Software is ready to be integrated into third party programs. In RDBMS environment there are no limitations in any way.